Weight Loss

It wasn’t until we got talking with the girls at The Ministry of Inspiration that all the guys realised how massive the subject of weight loss and eating disorders was…and it is huge! Self esteem and eating disorders are not just related…they are identical twins! When you don’t feel good one of the quickest ways to change how you feel is by eating food…

No matter how complicated we want to make it, the truth is that we cherish the most what we value the most, so if we don’t treasure ourselves very much then we are not going to look after ourselves very much. In it’s extreme forms that can mean obesity or starvation.

It’s a fact: Nothing ever will, nothing ever can, exceed the relationship that you have with yourself.

You can try as hard as you like, you can have all the will power in the world (none of which will work long term as it takes a huge amount of effort but as we have said before effort is only required where there is resistance and the resistance as we have said is The Script and remember it’s not even a Script that you wrote…or you can simply understand and therefore go beyond The Script, its not about trying harder it’s about going beyond The Script and realising who you really are…and how precious you really are, someone far to precious to abuse in any shape or form.

Ask yourself the question would you ever starve or over feed a little baby?

Of course you wouldn’t…why not? because they are precious and you know it would harm them.

So ask yourself when did you stop being precious? The answer is that you didn’t, all that happened is that you became confused about who you really are.

The amount of food that you do or don’t put into your mouth is controlled by the amount of what you do or don’t put into your mind. Now that’s as far as conventional psychology goes.…Good news, in fact Mega Good News!… we’ve discovered that there is another level, which is The Script… and it’s this that chooses what goes into peoples minds. So until now we’ve been looking in the wrong place for the answer…Ask yourself how long would it take you to find what you are looking for, if you are looking in the wrong place?…that’s right forever!

So don’t do it…

So forget all that: I haven’t been trying hard enough, I need more will power or I need to find another diet etc…etc…you now know that you are not choosing, you are only dealing with one thing…The Script.

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