By far the biggest cause of suicide is isolation! Statistics show that four times as many men as women commit suicide these days because within the cultural Script there’s a chapter that says ‘Big boys don’t cry’ so men isolate themselves and bottle up their feelings.

Hopefully you will know what The Script is from the videos on this website.

The Scripts job is to isolate you. It will tell you that you’re different from other people, that you don’t fit in, that nobody else in the world feels like you do, that you’re not slim enough or pretty enough or that you’re not good enough…the list is endless but the effect is always the same…isolation and loneliness which in turn can lead to suicide.

The Script is all the things that you don’t like, don’t want and wouldn’t choose, to be or do. In essence it’s the garbage bin of your life.

So for most people without the benefit of BC, in order to stop the pain that they are in (i.e The Script) they feel that the only way out is to kill themselves. We’ve found a way of separating people from The Script.

In other words you no longer need to kill yourself to get rid of The Script you can with the help of BC go beyond The Script, a bit like Suicide without the need for death.

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Broadband Consciousness (BC)

  • Stops depression
  • Gives life purpose
  • The missing piece
  • More energy
  • A must for coaches
  • Totally unique
  • Great for kid's
  • Gets stronger
  • Raises consciousness
  • Improves relationships
  • Lasts a life time
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Creates tolerance
  • Look younger
  • Highly transferable
  • Allows you to choose
  • Dream come true
  • Ends procrastination
  • On going support
  • Channels sensitivity
  • A family must
  • Increases self-esteem