Contrary to popular belief stress isn’t always a bad thing, even though it feels like it! Stress is the by product of resistance, it’s produced in a very similar way to electricity, like building a dam to create power, stress is simply the result of the dam.

So if you unblock the dam the resistance disappears. Stress is more of a modern condition, it’s because our awareness is higher than it’s been in history. In the first world war they told people to jump out of the trench and get shot, they did that in their tens of thousands, today they wouldn’t, why because they are more aware now.

Another example: we feel stressed if we are doing a job that we don’t want to be doing, years ago we would just have done the job but now we resist it which in turn creates stress. Most people are trying to push harder against the resistance instead of removing the resistance.

The Solution;

  • Step 1: Ask your self, if you could choose to be stressed or chilled out – what would you choose?
  • Step 2: Is what you are doing different to what you would choose? If it is, it simply means you are not choosing
  • Step 3: Get beyond the script and you get to choose what you want to be chilled out… BC allows you access a higher level of awareness which in turn gives you the freedom to choose to be chilled out instead of stressed

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Broadband Consciousness (BC)

  • Stops depression
  • Gives life purpose
  • The missing piece
  • More energy
  • A must for coaches
  • Totally unique
  • Great for kid's
  • Gets stronger
  • Raises consciousness
  • Improves relationships
  • Lasts a life time
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Creates tolerance
  • Look younger
  • Highly transferable
  • Allows you to choose
  • Dream come true
  • Ends procrastination
  • On going support
  • Channels sensitivity
  • A family must
  • Increases self-esteem