Gurus and Super Heroes

At the Ministry Of Inspiration we are all Gurus, in fact once you get beyond The Script we are all Gurus. We have a great one liner ‘We are all Super Heroes pretending to be ordinary people’ (you can change that to we are all Gurus pretending to be ordinary people, if you like).

You know those true stories of the little old lady of 87 who lifts the car up because someone is trapped underneath it? That’s what we are talking about here! The little old lady had never lifted a car up before and it’s likely that she will never do it again but that power was always inside her, it’s inside you and it’s inside us.

Of course we have never been taught or encouraged to use those powers, so as a consequence we only normally ever use them when there is a disaster.

For most people, that’s the reason they only get who they really are when they are told they have only a short time left to live. We think that is leaving it a little bit late and we’d like you to get that you are a Guru/Super Hero now. Imagine telling a young kid not to be a Super Hero or a Guru because they weren’t special enough!!!

The Solution;

Step 1 Ask your self, if you could choose to be Super Man or Clarke Kent – what would you choose?

Step 2 Is what you are doing different to what you would choose?
If it is, it simply means you are not choosing.

Step 3 Get beyond the script and you get to choose what you want to be – and be the real you a Super Hero/Guru…

BC allows you to access the Guru/Super Hero inside of you, right now!

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Broadband Consciousness (BC)

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