BC Confidence Coaching

Having Confidence In yourself is the key to achieving all of your dreams…

With Confidence you can do just about anything that you want because it means that you trust yourself to handle what ever life throws at you and you know that you will still be able to make the right choices and have the courage to fulfil your dreams.

Without Confidence in yourself you will continue to struggle to achieve the things that you want to achieve in your life…the truth is that you most likely won’t even try to attain most of the things you dream of, because if “you don’t try you can’t fail” but the only true failure is the failure to participate in your own life…

I don’t think it’s so sad that people die, we all have to die at some point, what I think is much more heart breaking, is the fact that we never truly live….we never get to experience being the person that deep down inside we know we could be. This is almost always down to some kind of lack of confidence in ourselves, which in turn makes us feel that we do not deserve to live the life of our dreams…there is an old saying “ buried at 80 but died at 30” without true Confidence in yourself, this will be the unfortunate experience of many of you…but it doesn’t have to be this way…

The solution is BC Confidence Coaching

  • If you beat yourself up
  • If you doubt yourself
  • Think you are not good enough
  • Think you are not capable of achieving what you want
  • Focus on what you can’t do
  • And focus on what you don’t want and therefore keep attracting it

then BC Coaching is the answer…

Whether you want to be more confident:

  • At work
  • In your business
  • With your friends & family
  • In relationships

Or if you just want to be a more confident person in general BC Coaching will enable you to achieve this so that you can truly enjoy being you, achieve your goals, meet the right person, make more money and live the life that you desire and deserve.

To achieve all of these, you must first be prepared to change the way you see and feel about yourself….you must “dare to be wrong about who you think you are” and also “ dare to be wrong about who you think you are not” the key here is in the word “think” just because you think it and have thought it for many, many years doesn’t mean it’s true…nearly all human beings used to believe the world was flat but it never was…we all just believed the same false thought…

BC Confidence Coaching works because it focuses on the highest level of personal change. Which is the level of identity…what is our identity?… it’s who you have known yourself to be…Which is mainly based on our past “who we have been”…but who you’ve been will never allow you to achieve the things you truly desire…for this you must be prepared to let go of this mistaken identity and to create a new more empowering identity…BC Coaching will show you step by step how to do this.

Call on 01604 761886 to book your first session with Liz

The cost of each telephone session is either:

£100 per hour
£160 for 2 hours

Special offer receive a free signed copy of my book “It’s not your fault, because you’re not choosing” for booking a session before the end of February.

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  • Stops depression
  • Gives life purpose
  • The missing piece
  • More energy
  • A must for coaches
  • Totally unique
  • Great for kid's
  • Gets stronger
  • Raises consciousness
  • Improves relationships
  • Lasts a life time
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Creates tolerance
  • Look younger
  • Highly transferable
  • Allows you to choose
  • Dream come true
  • Ends procrastination
  • On going support
  • Channels sensitivity
  • A family must
  • Increases self-esteem