BC 5 Day Course Feedback

We recently asked some of the people who have done our Broadband Consciousness (BC) course over the past 5 years what value they place on having done BC all this time after.

Here’s what they said…

Priceless :)! It’s touched every aspect of my life and the results rub off onto others every day!
Elena xxx – Elena Blunsum – Did BC August 2009

I can’t imagine my life without it to be honest! No value would be enough xxx Linz – Linz Smith – Did BC August 2010

Having done BC sure helps me be a better mom. Cindy – Cindy Cassidy – Did BC December 2007

It has changed my life…
It helped me be me. So realistically it’s priceless – Phil – Phil Howe – Did BC July 2010

Its invaluable!
Sarah Ross – Did BC October 2011

INVALUABLE !:) Much love and BIG thank you to you both! Anita xx Anita Gentilli – Did BC October 2008

Enormous value – saving my life, making sense of the negative voice in my head and knowing I DO have choices on how I feel. And being very happy with my fantastic new life. Love jo xx – Jo Hearn – Did BC August 2011

Absolutely bloody loads. Gazillions. Billions. Superb do the bloody course. Love si – Simon Benn – Did BC June 2009

It was an incredible experience not to be missed!! Nothing else like it! Ashley – Ashley Edwards – Did BC January 2013

I can only describe it this way. If your wife told you she loved you at 80% you could never be truly content, knowing about the 20% that was being held back. BC gave me the 20% I had denied and guarded as preservation against hurt and allowed me to give 100% and receive 100%. I cannot quantify the value of that 20%. But I could die tomorrow happy.
Kris – Kris Plumley – Did BC October 2011

It saved my life! I wud have followed my husband the way i was when i met u. cant thank u both 2 much. xx Georgina – Georgina Bailey – Did BC November 2010

Hey Richard! I can’t imagine my life not doing BC…so value of doing BC can’t be measured-it’s enormous 🙂 Big hug! X Teja – Tega Zagar – Did BC September 2010

I put a lot of value on my BC 5 day experience! 4 words Amazing! Fantastic! Brilliant and I am shining an awful lot!! Xx 😀 Lyn Roworth – Did BC May 2012

Value of B C ? ………… Priceless !
Richard Marquand – Did BC January 2013

Today (saturday) I celebrate my 59th birthday but unfortunately have only been in control of my destiny for the last 3 years when I was introduced to BC- Better late than never I suppose – it was a life changing introduction – my only regret is I took over 50 years to learn just how destructive my script had become – what value would you place on being reborn mentally? – well there is simply no value I can place on such a massive and truly life changing experience – richard crisp sales director Richard Crisp – Did BC July 2010

Literally priceless
Tom Dean – Did BC April 2012

My opinion about b c value, its simply priceless! I had a fairly good life before, now I have a fantastic life, still get some manure from time to time, just deal with it in a totally different way now, thanks to you and your good lady Liz x Roo
Roo Williams – Did BC January 2012

Sorry I cannot put a value on it, I cannot think of anything that Valuable. You cannot buy the real you, you can only experience it for yourself Jeff – Jeff Scarlet – Did BC April 2008

Impossible to put a specific value on it but. . . . I now completely value who i am and my imperfections. No amount of money could buy myself acceptance. Kevin Batchelor – Did BC September 2012

High Value … essential to have supportive environment that gives permission for vulnerability and honesty in order to know True Self …luv Pete – Pete Field – Did BC September 2008

Hello R. Its allowed me to turn my life into something I love so much more so priceless xx Cath Kendrick – Did BC April 2012

Words fail me…Kirsty McKinnon – Did BC December 2008

Thanks to you I’ve learnt to choose, that’s priceless! X Keith – Keith Sharland – Did BC March 2010

Value .. At one level priceless .. In terms of monetary value of the increased self confidence 20-50k …
Lesley Hetherington – Did BC February 2011

Priceless!! – Ray – Ray Brock – Did BC October 2009

Priceless – Joe Marr – Did BC June 2010

Helped to save my business when things have gone badly wrong: people say they can’t believe what’s happened and I’m still thinking onwards and forwards not backwards. Value? Priceless! Or 40k a year for the next 10 plus plus plus plus 🙂
Paul Richie – Did BC January 2012

Can’t measure it … The value never stops increasing !!!! Helen – Helen Scarlet – Did BC September 2008

Priceless – David Balcon – Did BC October 2008

Sometimes i can take it for granted, but when i see the outcome of situations which used to always be against me, end up being in my favour and feeling much more comfortable in my own skin, and those are the times i really value doing BC over most things as it was for me, hope this answers the question xx Tom Pettitt – Did BC October 2012

It helped me understand that I don’t need fixing and there is nothing wrong with me – BC is priceless and I am so grateful – Jason Jenden – Did BC February 2011

Hi Richard just like the master card advert BC is priceless. You can’t put a price on contentment or being able to see the script in other and choose to act on the person you see not their actions. Especially the ones closest to me xx
Kevin Grantham – Did BC October 2011

The value? Simple… My life. It’s given me my life back, and helped me create what I want, so the value? My life hands down. Thank you x – Delakshi – Delakshi Thanabalasingham – Did BC January 2013

Priceless! – Rosie – Rosie Underwood – Did BC October 2012

Cannot put a value on it as it is priceless to each individual. Des – Des Horgan – Did BC October 2009

Priceless. Cant put a figure on it. Worth more than all the personal development i’ve done all together. x
Tracy Curtis – Did BC October 2012

BC Gave me the strength and courage to face up to my demons. To learn and appreciate what happened in my life was not my fault and i am a loveable human being. I have learnt to love life and trust those around me and live my life to the full. Yr never too old! Luv barb x x Barbra Meriden – Did BC December 2008

Working with you and Liz has helped enormously for me to see how the world is, and how I really am. Neil Millard – Did BC January 2012

It’s been invaluable to me, I use it every day and in all situations. It works every time! Sarah Van-Sminia – Did BC November 2009

No amount of money can buy you the BC experience – priceless, how much do you value yourself xxx Jane Pettitt – Did BC July 2012

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Broadband Consciousness (BC)

  • Stops depression
  • Gives life purpose
  • The missing piece
  • More energy
  • A must for coaches
  • Totally unique
  • Great for kid's
  • Gets stronger
  • Raises consciousness
  • Improves relationships
  • Lasts a life time
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Creates tolerance
  • Look younger
  • Highly transferable
  • Allows you to choose
  • Dream come true
  • Ends procrastination
  • On going support
  • Channels sensitivity
  • A family must
  • Increases self-esteem