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Home Of The Broadband Consciousness (BC) System

The 1-Day Recharge Day & The Full 5-Day BC Course


Meet Richard & Liz

The founders of Broadband Consciousness (BC)

Our BC 5-Day Courses

The Cost:

The cost of BC is £2,750 including vat

The Venue:

BC is held in WiZ & Liz’s beautiful home in Northampton (10 minutes from Junction 15 – M1)

Food & Refreshments:

Food and refreshments included in above price


Overnight accommodation is not included and is available just 5 minutes away.

For more details and to book:

Email or telephone 01604 761886

Upcoming Dates

July 22nd 2024 – Sold Out
August 12th 2024 – Spaces available
September 16th 2024 – Spaces available
October 14th 2024 – Spaces available
November 11th 2024 – Spaces available

Our Upcoming Recharge Days

Richard Wilkins - UK Minister for Inspiration

International Inspirational Speaker/Author with 18 years experience within the field of Human Consciousness. He lost his fortune but got a life when he discovered ‘There.

Richard’s unique gift is to be able to compress huge wisdom into a simple format. A format that we can accept, understand and use with immediate yet lasting results.

In his own words, “We are all Superheroes pretending to be ordinary people, our true purpose is to be who we really are, minus the Script.

Everything else then becomes easy when you become the Superhero.”

…Today Richard is the UK Minister for Inspiration.

Liz Ivory – Co Founder of Broadband Consciousness

After a traumatic childhood, Liz embarked on a journey of self improvement Over 17 years she studied & became qualified in a wide variety of transformational therapies, from NLP to Reiki to Hypnosis to the more adventurous Firewalking.

Although these were great tools, none of them really changed the relationship that she had with herself. It was only after extensively running workshops with her partner Richard that they realised something crucial was missing.

Although well intentioned, the majority of personal development programmes create as many problems as they solve.

The answer to Liz and Richards searching is ‘Broadband Consciousness’, the Amazing 5 day program at the School for Superheroes that literally takes Consciousness Broadband.

Not only has this totally changed Liz’s identity and therefore her life, it has also had phenomenal success with all the Superheroes who’ve completed the program.

That’s why Liz is absolutely certain that BC really works! In the words of Liz herself: “I have waited my whole life for this”.

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T: 07903 672871